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Keystone Bible Institute

The Heart & Mind of Hands-on ministry

Why KBI is different from other Bible schools

Keystone Bible Institute is a different kind of Bible educational institution.

Keystone Bible Institute (KBI) provides the most extensive, integrated, Biblically-based, Spirit-anointed, life-transforming curriculum package available in the area. Our mission is to Raise up Spirit-Anointed leaders who disciple nations improving your sensitivity to the voice of God.

KBI has adopted the Lamad, Hebrew style of learning that is Real-Life, Biblically-grounded, 

Revelation-based learning!

Real Life = birthed from real issues and taught from real life experiences.

Biblically-grounded = you see your life's experiences in the light of Scripture.

Revelation-based = God speaks to YOU in each and every learning experience.

Hebrew style Lamad learning rather than Greek-style detached learning.

This intensely practical focus brings about life transformation faster than any other approach.

Lamad courses offer you the opportunity for small group interaction, pastoral oversight and guidance, fellowship, teaching, hands-on experience in the classroom and in the local congregation. Lamad training is active rather than passive.

You can earn a certificate or a diploma at KBI and we will assist you

in exploring a degree through Christian Leadership University.